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R., second child

Doula services

"My family and I very much appreciated Christina's services after we had our hands full with a newborn and a toddler. The meals Christina prepared were simply delicious, and she also helped out with housework, childcare, and was very attentive towards my own well-being. I highly recommend happy New Mama!"

Christina, first time mum


5/5, Very useful workshop, covered a lot of different aspects of after care of birth. It was interactive, fun and good for sharing ideas and opinions as a group. Interesting to hear the statistics of Luxembourg for example. Inclusion of the fathers was good.  I have already recommended it to friends. Thank so much, really supported us.

— Cristina T., first time mum

Shobia A., first time mum

Prenatal Yoga 

“Christina is a gentle, calm and a very professional instructor. Having practiced prenatal yoga with Christina for a while now, I truly leave the class feeling energised, centered and extremely relaxed. Through her guidance, I have learned how to feel more relaxed, breathe through each movement and gain a lot of confidence going into my last weeks of pregnancy. A true believer of her own work" —

Birth of a mother

About Newborn mamas

First of all Congratulations! 

You are at the start of the most exciting journey of your life.

The journey to motherhood!

As you are starting this journey you may be very excited but you may also feel a bit overwhelmed for what lies ahead!

Time has come to wave goodby to the "sage-femme liberale" and your husband has to go back to work. You are now alone and have to take care of this fragile new baby all by yourself. However, having a newborn means you are a Newborn Mother as well and the truth is that nothing can prepare you enough for motherhood as you can only learn by doing!  

So the best thing to do is ask for help and be specific on what kind of help you need and want as people may have the will but not the experience to help.

Isolation is not the way to go for new mothers. In traditional societies the new mother was given great care and attention from the whole village and everybody helped her, hence the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child". In modern societies nuclear families prevailed and this has eclipsed. Also, attachment parenting, although beneficial for baby and mother, has put a lot of pressure on her shoulders and without her getting the support she needs the odds are against her.  As the WHO (World Health Organization) states around 13% of new moms experience Postpartum Depression worldwide, regardless of their ethnicity, education or location. 

So the best thing for you is to build this village!

But you may say "I am an expat and don't know many people, my family is far away or I don't want them staying with me..". Well, that is where a postpartum doula can help.

Meet Christina

I am Christina, I am mama to two sweet big girls and I am passionate about all-things-postpartum, breastfeeding, birth rights and women circles!

I live in the tiny heart of Europe-Luxembourg and originally I come from Greece. My early studies and career were around business and marketing but after I became a mama my interests and focus shifted. I think of myself as a lifelong learner so I studied Counselling Psychology and worked in HR for a while but finally I found my true passion and decided to train as a Postpartum Professional, a long journey but well worth it! Looking for ways to offer more to new mums I also trained with Birthlight Institution in Prenatal, Postnatal and Baby Yoga.

I truly believe that becoming a mum was the most transformative experience of my life (but also quite hard at first). I gave birth to my first daughter in 2008 and was determined to breastfeed. I had read all the right books, went to prenatal education courses and was feeling ready! And then came Natalia, a baby that was hungry all-the-time!! I was going around the house topless all day and she was eating every 45 minutes...day and night and on top of that it was painful. I faced a lot of difficulties and complications and I only made it because she was growing so fast and I took it day by day.. I was unlucky because I didn't have any friends or relatives with experience in breastfeeding so I struggled. This experience made me realize that it is not enough to have family to help since they often lack experience in some things.

My two daughters are my inspiration for the path I follow, which is to practice what I am passionate about-accompany mamas in their birthing year and especially in the 4th trimester when they transform to confident new mamas.

My dream is for New Mamas to think of their Postpartum period as the most beautiful period of their life and for Motherhood to be celebrated again, as was in the past.

"Mothering the mother" is my mantra and my goal is for you to really be a Happy New Mama!



Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum doula services. Holding the space for new mums to bond with their baby. Organization, meal preparation, Breastfeeding support, belly binding, massage

Birthlight Motherhood Yoga

Private or small group classes in Prenatal, Postnatal and Baby Birthlight Yoga, the leading yoga method for expecting or new mums & babies


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